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There is a new hangout for those who like to donate her golden voice. HoME place name. This is where karaoke's that are on the road Pattimura, precisely in addition to places to eat Gelato. Glimpse of the outside beautiful place with walls of glass.

Corresponding name of the place, the rooms are named according HoME room in the house like a general. There is a room whose name is Baby Room, Storage, and so forth. Karaoke rooms are also in order to its name. Incidentally guenya select a room that is named Baby Room, wallpaper would also like a baby's room.

Room rental fee for the smallest size (3-4 people), since Happy Hour is only in charge of Rp. 25,000 (sorry if the information is inaccurate). We also can order a meal from the Gelato that want to karaoke while eating. May still be a new place, so the service was still good. There is Wi-Fi is also in this place she said. Unfortunately I'm right password, the person concerned has not come anyway.

The system is similar to select the song's karaoke place to another. Just choose the song via the keyboard or wireless mouse it. And you already can sing your favorite songs just like at home. Good luck!

HoME Karaoke
Jl Pattimura

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